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Construction Defects Attorney San Antonio

By Edward Moander

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Construction Defects Attorney San Antonio

Improper use of materials can also be a cause to the construction defect you are experiencing. Builders have a choice of materials they use and how they use them. If a builder or developer makes a decision on buying substandard material, this can be the cause of your issues. In addition, improper use of materials could stem from an unqualified contractor or subcontractor working on your roof, or any other area of your house.

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Whether your issue is a roof missing or short cut roof underlayment felts or improper use of materials, an immediate fix can be necessary. If you decide to look into getting repairs, or if you have already repaired your construction defect, you need to track all your steps. It is important to keep a copy of all contracts or statements of work. If you have any correspondence with the builder, the developer, architect, contractor, or any other building professional, you need to document them and/or keep a copy of the emails, faxes, and letters. If possible, it would be prudent to take before and after photos as well.

This construction defect issue can be very tedious and time-consuming. It can also get quite costly, and there may be costs that you can avoid. If you suspect you are having issues with a construction defect, it is important to know what steps you should take to resolve the issue. You probably do not have any knowledge or experience in this area, which means that you need to consult with someone who does. Do not hesitate – to contact our attorney today.

Use of “Mix And Match” Components

During the development stage of a housing community, the builder and/or developer make several decisions. This would include hiring contractors as well as selecting the products and building materials they will use. This process allows the builder to choose components or building equipment from a different source or manufacturer. It is decisions like these that will help the project or create construction defects the builder and developer will have to later explain. The use of “mix and match” components comes in handy for specific situations. Usually, in these situations, the benefits are obvious, but the defect may not show itself immediately. Once you see a symptom related to a system, equipment or machine that relates to the potential use of “mix and match” components, start documenting what you observe. The issue may or may not be a construction defects

Another common issue besides the use of “mix and match” components is unsealed gas pipe penetrations. This is an issue when the fire, gas, and heat are not contained, but instead, move into the wood framing. As you can imagine, unsealed gas pipe penetrations can become a big issue. A lot of times the defect of these unsealed gas pipe penetrations could be resolved relatively easily. It may just need a new sealant. Any repairs you make or at least look into, document the process and take several pictures.

The use of “mix and match” components can be a quick fix. It can include purchasing all new building materials as well as new components. Getting your house at least back to a livable condition is your priority. Again, it is important to collect as much documentation as possible.

There are many causes of construction defects like unsealed gas pipe penetrations as well as building issues that appear to be more serious than they are. If you suspect you may have some defects in your home you need to take the next step. You need to contact an attorney to help you determine what that next step should be. These issues can be very difficult to take care of alone. They can be time-consuming and very costly. With an advocate that has expertise in construction law, the process will be easier. You need to contact an attorney in our office – and you need to do that today.