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June 15, 2018 0

Legal services that you can depend upon

By Edward Moander

There are many times during the course of our lives that we may require legal assistance. The scenarios in which legal advice may be required are numerous and greatly varied but whatever the situation you will want to be sure that you can depend upon the individuals who you choose to represent you. At the very least your time and convenience depends upon this but in some instances there can be large sums of money resting on the hope that your legal representation is both competent and dependable.

If you own a business you may require regular legal representation and advice. By choosing Stevens and Bolton, you can be sure to receive the best legal representation and advice available from a dependable law firm. Stevens and Bolton offer a diverse range of legal services from banking and finance to dispute resolution to real estate. The law firm has been awarded a number of prestigious accolades and you can see why they’re Corporate Firm of the Year for the fifth consecutive year here. For a name that you can truly depend upon, choose Stevens and Bolton.

This law firm also have a lot to offer if you require person legal representation and advice. They bring the same high standards from their corporate dealings into how they deal with private clients. Again, they offer a wide range of services from employment, immigration and pensions assistance to dealing with family disputes to wills and probate on the death of a loved one. Stevens and Bolton operate a dedicated family law team to provide you with all of the assistance that you need in dealing with personal legal matters. You can depend upon Stevens and Bolton to provide you with the very best standard of service.

May 12, 2017 0

Commonly Asked Questions About Compensations Claims

By Edward Moander

If you have ever been in an accident or if you have been injured while at work due to utter negligence, you have probably heard about compensation claims. Compensation claims come in many types – road accident claims, work accident claims, asbestos claims, medical negligence claims, slipping accident claims and many more. If you will be filing for a compensation claim for the first time, here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about compensation claims, which will help you better understand the process.

Question#1: Is it necessary to get legal assistance when making a claim?

While not all compensation claim settlements go to trial, it would still be to your best interest to get legal assistance. Many people who file for compensation claims fail to get the amount they deserve simply because they are not fully aware of their own rights. Knowing this, hiring a lawyer will ensure that your right will be protected and that you will get a fair claim settlement. Also, having a lawyer will also help speed up the process of filing the claim.

Question#2: How long before I am awarded the compensation?

This is a common question asked by people who file for compensation claim. The truth is, how long the claim will take is not definitive. If it is just a minor claim settlement, the insurance company will normally award the compensation as early as possible. However, in the case of complex claims, it can take you months or even years to get the money.

Question#3: How much money would it cost me to hire a lawyer?

Legal fees vary from firm to firm. However, most lawyers handling compensation cases would agree to a no win no fee conditional agreement. Hiring no win no fee solicitors or lawyers would mean that you won’t be paying anything if you lose the case. Payment will only be charged if the case is won. Normally, lawyers handling compensation claim cases will get a share from the settlement money awarded to you. The percentage that will be charge by the lawyer, in case you win the case, will depend on how complex the case is. If you have a complicated claim case, then expect to pay a higher percentage.

November 19, 2016 0

The Benefits Of Hiring A Child Support Attorney

By Edward Moander

Professional Help

When a divorce happens, the biggest concern for the couples will be the well-being of their children. It will be difficult for a parent to understand the legal proceedings for child custody and child support. When you need to go through the legal issues to get support assistance for your children or if you are to pay the support assistance to your children, it is better to get the help of professionals. If you have already lost the child custody it will be even more difficult for you to think about the right solutions. You may not want to pay which will be difficult for you to afford. A good attorney can understand your situation and can provide you with the legal opinion for fixing the right amount as support payment.

Availing Eligible Support

It is possible to avail the right support for your children after divorce by appointing an able lawyer who deals with child support cases. If you are the parent who is getting the support payment, it is necessary to make sure that you are getting enough amounts to raise your children decently. The support money should cover the monthly expenses of the children. The experience of the child support lawyers will help you to get maximum eligible support without dragging the case for a long time. Best attorneys for child support will ensure that their client receives what they need. So, if you feel that you need the expert advice in child support cases in Las Vegas, you can get the service of best child support attorney in Las Vegas.

Tension Free Settlement

The child custody cases and child support cases always create tension for the parents. Sometimes these cases can take an ugly turn with the parents literally fighting over the support money to be paid or received. A very knowledgeable and experienced child support lawyer can help you in making a hassle free settlement for the support money. The attorney will consider all aspects and will follow all the necessary steps to make a tension free settlement for both the parties involved. The attorney will make you informed about the options available and the chances of getting or providing the support money to the other parent. So, you will be able to take right decisions at the right time, when you are fighting child support cases.

Easily Available

It is very easy to find the child support lawyers or attorneys in Las Vegas. You can do an internet search for the best and the experienced attorneys in your area by specifying the area. You will be provided with the list of the attorneys in Las Vegas for your particular area. You can select the attorney according to the qualification, specialization and the experience in child support cases. You can also consult your friends and colleagues to find out the best attorney for child support cases.