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Truck Accident Attorneys, Did You Know?

By Edward Moander

Did You Know?

Our firm has been fighting for 18 wheeler accident victims` rights for over 20 years. Call us to discuss your case.

When you are injured in an 18 wheeler accident, your attorney must determine whether the negligent truck driver caused the wreck, if someone else played an important part, or if a mechanical malfunction might be responsible. What if the company that owned the cargo failed to correctly load it or didn’t safely secure the cargo which caused it to break free during transport and topple the trailer? Or, did the route planner negligently send the truck into an area not properly zoned for 18-wheelers? Or maybe flammable chemicals were loaded inside a tanker not rated to carry such dangerous materials and suddenly, unexpectedly exploded, seriously injuring you as you drove alongside it on an inner-city freeway. truck accident attorneys

It is rarely easy to determine immediate fault in an 18-wheeler accident. This is why you benefit in many ways through the experience of a Texas truck accident lawyer who will make sure that every liable party who is responsible for an 18 wheeler accident is held responsible for your injuries, along with the damage to your vehicle, its passengers and other contents. More here @

What Happens if I Choose to Deal With an Insurance Company Myself and Don’t Hire an Experienced Attorney?

A non-attorney has a very hard time accumulating all the knowledge required to effectively negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies, or successfully represent him or herself in court. Representing yourself is possible, but winning is a very long shot. Litigation in 18 wheeler accident-related injury cases is extremely complex. Inexperienced attorneys have only a slightly better chance than you alone in recovering any reasonable compensation. So why would you even entertain such a foolish idea, especially when tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the table? Would you fix your own pipes or build your own house on a vacant lot you purchased? You likely wouldn’t, and this is one of the reasons why you need the legal experience and investigative power of an attorney to represent your personal injury case from an 18 wheeler accident

Everyone has heard the old adage about the law: “Those who represent themselves have a fool for a client,” but it’s doubly disastrous in any personal injury case, especially one involving an 18-wheeler because the laws and procedures involved are so complex, and the playing field is often tilted in the favor of the trucking companies, their insurance providers and attorneys. Those who oppose you have deep pockets and years of experience at winning these kinds of cases. You need much more than general knowledge of the law to succeed in trucking accident litigation.

Here’s a little secret that few non-lawyers know. Legal knowledge doesn’t make up a third of all the necessary elements for success in personal injury cases. Successful litigation requires thorough knowledge of civil procedure and the ability to develop the perfect strategy necessary to battle the insurance companies and their defense lawyers. Legal novices, by their very definition, don’t have that. Your opponent’s respect doesn’t hurt either. This is why an experienced and highly regarded, respected San Antonio 18-wheeler attorney who has spent years taking on the insurance companies and their lawyers and beaten them, is a powerful weapon in your fight for just compensation. accident injury lawyersclick here for more options @
Also, if you have a relative or friend who is a lawyer, even though he or she might be looking out for your best interests and might be inspired to fight hard for your rights when an 18-wheeler accident has befallen you, often, that person might have a difficult time disassociating him or herself emotionally from issues surrounding your case. Personal injury law is often quite intense. A specialized 18 wheeler attorney must be pragmatic, focus solely on the facts of a case and be very cool under fire if you are to be successful. What happens if that friend or relative attorney doesn’t win the case, or accepts a less-than-fair settlement because he knows how badly you need the money now? How will you feel about your friend of a relative then? Keep your family members and friends out of your legal business. You will be very wise to remember this when deciding who will represent your 18 wheeler liability lawsuit to your greatest benefit.

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Personal Injury Attorney : Get Healthcare without Health Insurance

By Edward Moander

Personal Injury Attorney : Get Healthcare without Health Insurance

Health care even if you can’t afford it. If you have been injured in a car accident, but cannot afford to get health care or don’t have health insurance, our personal injury attorneys can help you get the medical attention that you need.

The vehicle accident injury claims process can be particularly challenging for those who are injured but do not have health insurance. This is mostly due to the fact that the claims process is retroactive. There is not an insurance adjuster in the world that will give you money so that you can get health care. Instead, they simply promise to reimburse you for the health care you receive, which they will likely not fairly reimburse you for.accident injury law

To take it one step further, the insurance adjuster wants you to be in this vulnerable position. If you don’t get the medical attention you need, your claim has little to no verifiable value as the medical expenses serve as the foundation for your claim. Also, if you pay out of pocket for medical expenses, rather than relying on a healthcare provider to pay for it, they can exploit your new-found debt and offer you pennies on the dollar knowing that you can’t afford to turn down their offer.

It’s an unfair process that the insurance companies designed themselves… But the truck and automobile accident attorneys of our Law Office can help.

In the 20 year history of our firm, we have worked with hundreds of doctors. Through these established professional relationships, we can usually arrange for our clients to get the healthcare that they need without having to pay out of pocket.

Getting the medical treatment that you need is not only vital to your well being, it is essential in building a strong legal case. Your medical expenses validate the extent of your injuries and enable your personal injury lawyer to maximize the value of your case.

Practice Areas: Car Accidents, Trucking Accidents. On the Job Injuries. Wrongful Death. Construction Accidents, Boating Accidents, Premises Liability. Contact Us

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Auto Accident Lawyers Can Be Seen As Your Hero

By Edward Moander


Auto accident lawyers are seen as heroes for those who are victims of reckless driving. Injuries received in auto accidents are often serious and sometimes fatal. When your injuries involve the head and neck, it may mean the end of your career. Aside from physical incapacitating injuries, mental trauma is also serious and often presents lifetime effects. Your family may have emotional and financial stress due to your accident. accident injury lawyers

Due to various levels of damage, it is important to be hire an attorney to file needed lawsuits against those who are responsible for your injuries and stressful situation. After all, post-accident effects are never easy to handle. Automobile accident attorneys can make the situation more bearable. more information here @

Yearly, thousands of injuries and deaths occur due to the recklessness of someone else. However, that is not always the case in every accident. Automobile experts may also determine mechanical defects on the vehicle itself that may have caused the accident. A third party liability, which involves the household or the institution where a drunk or reckless driver may have been before the accident can be checked.

As you contemplate a court battle, you must be very careful on choosing a suitable accident attorney to save time and money. Find reputable law firms that will help you determine the proper grounds on which your lawsuit will be based. Ideally, your lawyer will make it a point to be present at the accident scene to check on you and evaluate the offending party or the insurance company response during the actual incident. This isn’t always realistic unless you’ve used the accident attorney before. Automobile accident attorneys are law advocates who can advise you about the appropriate action to take. Every road accident may appear similar to many, but your situation will always be unique from the rest. Your automobile accident lawyer will discuss with you the fair monetary compensation you should get, or with your consent, consider settlements with the offending party or their insurance company.personal injury attorneys - car accident

Auto accident lawyers commit to serve injured people as part of their profession. Every court-related dispute is a challenge, especially when you and your family must undergo the rehabilitation process at the same time, or face loss of income, incapacity and emotional and financial hardships. Moreover, fighting for justice is not an easy task, but you can lessen your legal worries with the assistance of your accident attorney. Find the right legal representation and you will have the best chance of attaining the compensation you are seeking.Please visit this website