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February 25, 2016 0

What is law terminology and usefulness of the same?

By Edward Moander

It is very useful to have a ready made guide about the law terminologies, particularly for the practitioners or the students of law. Numbers of books are there in the market place containing the law terminologies and you can find them by searching through internet also. These books containing the law terminologies help the practitioners or students for dealing with various types of legal matters and in knowing about what is law terminology.

Some books for reference

There are numbers of books from where you can get a clear picture regarding what is law terminology. One such book is “Cengage Learning”. Students studying legal terminology, legal transcription and court reporting can utilize this book for professional purpose of learning. Legal Terminology for court reporting and transcription transforms the student into an individual who become proficient about the language of law as a speaker and listener with witnesses, judges, attorneys, the parties and jurors in the court.

Usage and understanding of legal terminology

The student can become proficient in the matter of skills which are required to make a transcript which reflects proceedings of court, hearings, inter/intra office meetings, and legal stipulations accurately. The usages of legal terminologies and their total understanding and at the same time the associated transcript production issues, proofreading, English grammar and punctuation which add to a precise record are the main factors for aspiring transcriptionists and court reporters. The main thing in respect of the student is getting confidence while beginning use of law terminology for court reporting and professional transcription in the courts or law offices. Correct English and mastering law terminology are the main factors for progressing in the legal profession.