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January 20, 2016 0

The Real Life Dictionary of the Law and other legal dictionaries

By Edward Moander

ESP professionals in large numbers are working with practitioners and students of law, the requirement for ideal reference materials have been very apparent. One of the things which these professionals would like to have is a dictionary for legal terms. Among the various available, Black’s Law Dictionary is the kind of dictionary published by West Publishing that every American practitioner or student of law actually keep in his or her possession. Black’s has turned into an authority in view of legal matters since the year 1891.

Most popular edition

Its sixth edition is the most popular among all the dictionaries existing in today’s market which not only provides reference to the cases and state and federal law within definitions but also extended definitions about terms, along with matters of legal theories. Some of the definitions are of technical in nature and not so easy to comprehend, while others are not so good, and do not provide clear examples. Black’s may be intimidating for an instructor who is newcomer in the field of legal matters. However, other legal dictionaries are found there, such as The Real Life Dictionary of the Law, which can replace or supplement Black’s based on the needs of one’s ESP.

The other prominent one

The Real Life Dictionary of the Law has been published keeping in mind about the increasing number of well known publicized trials in USA. Authors Kathleen Thompson Hill and Gerald N. Hill published the dictionary for citizens having pending lawsuits, law aficionados and all sorts of courtroom spectators. The dictionary is found to be helpful, particularly for the students who are beginners in the field of law and legal professions.