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September 19, 2017 0

Imprelis tree damage settlement

By Edward Moander

If you see that trees in your lawn or backyards are withering away, and you can find no natural causes, then look deeper, because the reason for the gradual death of your tree can very well be the use of Imprelis. Imprelis is a weed-killer and a pretty good one at that too. But what it is bad for is that, Imprelis really works on the weeds, but then it does not stop there. It went further and did away with all the surrounding non-target vegetation in the areas in which it was used. As a result, loads of dead or withering away trees, which you absolutely would not like to see dead!

So a lawsuit was filed, and a settlement was reached at. The manufacturers of Imprelis have to pay compensation to affected parties, in terms of monetary payments, or by taking care of affected trees, without any payments. And Imprelis has been used for a complete year, from the August of 2010 till the August of 2011. And it has been used in both residential and commercial areas, and most importantly, in golf courses. And except for New York and California, all the other states have had to face the brunt of Imprelis. So the damage caused by Imprelis is of gigantic proportions, considering the number of trees that have been affected. And the settlement has clearly stated that any party, who sees any damage caused by Imprelis, should immediately approach the manufacturers for compensation of any sort. This post is a part of our media pack for Imprelis tree damage settlement.