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March 19, 2017 0

How To Apply For Compensation After Your Injury At Work

By Edward Moander

The work accident claims UK process is designed to ensure that you are able to easily make a claim for compensation if you have incurred an injury at work. Work accident claims UK can be made only if you are eligible – defined by an accident whereby someone else was to blame, that happened within the last three years and resulted in the need for medical attention.

In a work situation, the person to blame for your accident will likely be your employer. Your employer has a responsibility to you as employee to provide a safe working environment – if they have failed to at this, then they are liable for your injuries. Making a claim will not only compensate you for the injuries you have incurred, but will also help to prompt your employers to put preventative measures in place to stop another person suffering a similar situation to your own.

How do I Apply for Work Accident Claims UK?

The process for work accident claims UK is designed to ensure that if you have been injured, you are easily able to claim for compensation. Your employer will be held liable, but do not worry that they will be out of pocket – their indemnity insurance will cover your claim.

To make a claim, you will need to firstly ensure that you are eligible. You can of course check this by calling a compensation provider or solicitor, or by using an online eligibility checker. In some cases, this may also provide an estimation of the amount you may be entitled to claim, depending on the severity and impact of your injuries.

Next, you should get in touch with a compensation provider or solicitor as soon as possible – they will be able to provide you with advice and give you an idea of how the claims process works, specific to their approach.

If your injuries require urgent medical attention, you should of course prioritise this over all else – your health is number one priority and you should only consider setting the claims process in motion once you have received any necessary treatment and medication.

It is Easy to Make a Claim?

In many cases, your experience of the work accident claims UK process will be fairly straightforward. After supplying your legal representation with the details of your case, they will start proceedings on your behalf and update you along the way. In some situations and with certain legal firms, you may be able to progress your case entirely via the telephone – meaning you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. This is especially convenient if your injuries require rest, and may even mean that you do not need to attend court.

When selecting a legal representative, you should check they have proven experience in claim cases similar to your own, and that they work on a no win, no fee basis.

April 24, 2015 0

This is what happened

By Edward Moander

The rising number of personal claims indicated by insurance figures means that the accidents and injuries have also increased. The reasons and types of causes responsible for these numbers may vary depending on the situation of each person making a query.

Studies have shown that the number of road incidents has decreased in the UK and yet, more claims have been registered. Perhaps the nature of the incidents has changed thereby increasing the number of injured people.

Accidents overseasmay have contributed to the rise of figures. When being on holiday, trips and slips can easily occur. In most cases, the wounds caused by such incidents are superficial and recover quickly. However, these can also lead to spine injuries, or even worse, affect the head or brain. Many people are tempted to cycle while being on holiday, therefore bicycle accidents are likely to occur in such situations.

Tourists represent an interesting target for thieves simply because they do not know the area well enough, therefore becoming vulnerable. In the process of attempting to steal valuable items such as mobile phones, jewellery or even money, the victim could be hurt, with or without the intention of the robber. When presenting the required amount of details, information and evidence to the solicitor, one may be entitled to criminal injury compensationfor the unpleasant experience he has been through.

Another type of accident which may occur overseas is when the person works abroad. In this case the situation is slightly different because the incident is easier to prove. The employee has access to the work place, being able to document everything and collect the necessary information. Photographic evidence can in usually be obtained with considerably less effort. In the case of an assault, photos are almost impossible to obtain and the strongest evidence are the testimonials provided by the witnesses, if there happened to be any at the scene of the incident.

If you find yourself in a delicate situation the best option available is to ask for the assistance which can be provided by specialist lawyers and solicitors. There are a number of companies including Bolt Burdon Kempwho deal with such matters and they will surely help the ones in need to obtain a positive answer when putting forward a claim.