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January 22, 2017 0

Evan Granowitz – Known for his Skills and Professionalism

By Edward Moander

Those who have power, they also have the responsibility. These words suits for those who have knowledge as well as the power to change the society for its betterment. Evan Granowitz is one of those people who have both the talent and the caliber to develop the society.

He is a Civil Attorney who lives in Los Angeles, CA, United States. He has a strong educational background too. From the Emory University of Georgia, he got his undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Political Science and in the year 2004, he has completed the law degree. While studying in law school; he worked as a judicial extern to the Honorable Joyce L. Kennard. He was a member of Orange County Bar Association Super Lawyer Rising Stars 2009 & 2010 member. He is also a member of the Order of Coif National Honor Society. He is a lawyer of Wolf Group L.A. who is an expert in civil litigation.

With his qualification and huge experience, he has made his name in this industry. He not only made money but also earned respect of many people for his work. He is an expert in civil litigation and he seriously works for the development of the society. Expert Lawyers like he can help the society in many ways. Some of them are,

  • Consumer Protection – This law safeguards the interests of people who are looted in the name of “company policy” by the different companies.
  • False Advertising – Nowadays, there is a lack of originality in the world. People copy ideas from others and give their own name. To stop this, there are uniform deceptive acts which look after the interests of the original creators. One can implement this law with the help of a professional like him who have a high experience regarding these matters.
  • Business Litigation – Problems occur among between different companies and also between a company and an individual regarding who is right and who will get the compensation. An expert like him takes these matters very seriously and works for the truth.

So, there is no need to mention that if you find him in any situation like above, one can take advice from experts like Evan Granowitz CA for consultation and you will definitely get valuable suggestion from him. Not only in case of civil litigation, but he is also an expert in solving family problems. He has earned his reputation as an excellent family lawyer also.