Fixed Fee Divorce

Fixed Fee Divorce

July 23, 2017 0 By Edward Moander

A fixed fee divorce can take anywhere between 4 to 6 months to go through and suits a couple who have no objection to there being a divorce. A good solicitor firm that offer fixed fee divorces will handle all court paperwork, write to the court on your behalf and send on all required documentation. They will generally keep you updated throughout the entire process.

The advantages of a fixed fee divorce are numerous for clients who have jointly agreed to legally separate. Any respectable law firm would advise any married couple to explore all avenues before proceeding. But, when the decision has been agreed and divorce agreement is mutual fixed fee divorces offer cost transparency and instant clarity in the process.It is never an easy conclusion to draw but once all avenues are exhausted and mutual ground can be found then fixed fee divorces make sense.

Additional fees may be incurred when it comes to covering court costs and when a divorce petition is included. The court will ask you to prepare a statement setting out objections on paying legal fees that a spouse may have included in their divorce petition. Other costs can appear through extended court sessions or hearings and these disputes usually rise over financial disputes. Therefor it is imperative from the beginning that costs and agreement between each partner are clear. A mutual agreement without any issues left un-discussed should be formed and then fixed fee divorces remain at a fixed fee. A solicitor should also make this clear so awareness of you making a dispute may result in additional cost. It should be made clear that fixed fee divorces deal with just that, the divorce. If you have any concerns when it comes to children or other aspects relating to property then additional advice should be sought, but this will often more than not be included in the fixed fee divorce cost.

If you decide to go for a fixed fee divorce ensure beforehand that you have checked prices and have them confirmed. There are some variables that solicitors may bolt on to the exercise. Have a chat before agreeing to go in and have them handle the divorce completely. Fixed fee divorces are great for couples who know and agree that they have reached the end of the road. Being sensible without any hidden, manipulative or underhand thoughts can lead to an acrimonious divorce without any heavy costs or further disharmony being caused.