South Texas Dog Bite Attorney

August 7, 2018 0 By Edward Moander


Dog Bites and attacks can be visious and life threatening. If your child or someone you love has been bitten by a dog, you may be able to obtain financial recompense from the dog’s owner by retaining the services of a South Texas personal injury attorney who is also a South Texas Dog Bite Attorney. Every year millions of people across the country are bitten by dogs. These bites can be minor and not require medical treatment, or they can be serious enough to cause severe injury, scarring or disfigurement. Serious dog attacks can even result in death. That is why it is very important to contact a South Texas Dog Bite Attorney immediately after a dog bite bite attorneys

Dog Bites in South Texas
Often, people and especially children cannot tell when a dog may bite or attack until it is too late. Many times a child can approach a dog or do something which startles the dog, causing it to react by biting or attacking. Dog owners are responsible for taking reasonable precautions and controlling their dogs so that others are safe around them. The Law Offices of Andrew Stewart have been serving injury victims for more than a decade and have obtained millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for our clients. As an experienced South Texas Dog Bite Attorney, has handled hundreds of cases to successful resolutions, and he will work hard to do the same for you also.personal Injury Law

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in South Texas
Some of the things dog owners can do to maintain safety is to keep dogs on leashes, in fenced yards or areas of their property such as enclosed kennels. Even still, dogs can attack unwitting guests who have been invited onto the owner’s property. Some dogs are obviously aggressive and others may be naturally gentle. However, even docile dogs can suddenly attack and bite. South Texas Dog Bite Attorney Andrew Stewart understands the relevant laws thoroughly and how to protect a bite victim in a lawsuit and claim. Often times the owner of the dog will have homeowner’s insurance which can compensate for a dog bite. Our offices can review your unique circumstances and determine the nature of your claim, what it is worth and how compensation can possibly be recovered.

Contact a South Texas Dog Bite Attorney experienced and vigorous legal services if you or your family member has suffered a serious dog bite injury or attack.